Please why my track has been rejected ?

Please help me why my track as been rejected ?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, this track is way below AJ standard, meaning that there are many much better tracks of this genre already here. In addition, this track is also full of mistakes:

Firstly, the track is a rhytmical mess. The timing is off, the instruments are not really playing together and the result sounds amateurish and unpleasant. Take that uke loop for example: It quickly gets annoying because it is monotonuous, repetative and gets no support from the other instruments. Same goes for the melody, drums, etc. You need to really work on creating a convicing, tight rhythmical feel to achieve that upbeat result you are shooting for.

A few other examples: The bass slide at 0:03 is irritating harmonically and rythmicallly. The drum fill at 0:36 is completely out of sync and context, and right after that comes that weird bass slide again making matters worse…then, at 0:45 there is another rythmical mistake in the left uke channel… etc. etc.

This track would need some serious reworking and cleaning up before you even look at the mixing side of things…which also needs improving as the sound is pretty artificial, flat and with no dynamics.

Keep working and improving - good luck!

Hello FirstNote,
Thank you very much for your opinion it is very interesting, I will work all these elements by following your advice.
For mixing and cleaning up, what material will you advise you to improve the sound ?

Thanks very much !

Improving the sound is a matter of experience and skill. Both take time. You will need to learn the theory of mixing and compression and practice a lot and try out various things to make your own experience and develop your own aesthetic approach. There is a ton of educational material out there on Youtube, pick whatever resonates with you. You can check out this guy for some beginner friendly videos. He talks a lot but much of the stuff he is talking about can be useful for beginners. Important: Don’t go looking for a holy grail (plugin, software, etc.) There is none. Just learn. Good luck.

I would second everything @FirstNote said. It sounds to me like you’re at a stage in your development where you’re ambitions out-weigh your fundamental skill set. Try and strip away as much as possible and focus on the basics, solid rhythm, solid chord progression, catchy melody. The rest will come!

You are right @orbiterred, I also think that the composition is fundamental and this is the 1st important step and thank you remind me :grin:

Here is a new version, what do you think?
Thanks very much for your view !