Please?! What song is this

The song I’m looking for is a type of future bass/dubstep vibe anyone know this



Make this guy a moderator!!!

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You keep asking about music you can’t find… but what do you do when authors find those for you? Are you a buyer?


Well I’m getting a playlist ready to buy

I think you should be a mod

it’s called NORMAL KINDNESS :slight_smile:

if you are doing everything for the money… :wink: come on :slight_smile:

What are you talking about? What is called normal kindness?

I think you haven’t understood my post nor why I was asking.

You can always explain :slight_smile:

I thought you expect some reward (like buying your music for example) if you find music for someone :slight_smile:

Or maybe you think authors can find music for someone only if this “someone” is a buyer / customer on envato audiojungle?


You thought wrong.

so I insist you to explain. Let my try to understand. :slight_smile:

this ?

Look man, I don’t know why you’re trying to portray me as an a**hole, but I don’t appreciate that. You obviously have not paid attention to the original poster’s odd behavior on the forums for the past few weeks. If you had, you’d know where I’m coming from.

:slight_smile: chill

I am last one who would try to make you like a…ole - bad day? Grill the green :slight_smile: peace.

I meant I’m getting a playlist ready to like cash out soon I need the right tracks