Please vote for me!



I’ve been working on a remix of a new Tiesto track with a friend and we’ve submitted it for a competition with Spinnin’ Records.

So far we’re in 51st place out of a couple of thousand entries, and I’d really appreciate your vote!

You can login with Facebook to do so - just make sure you click the ‘Vote’ button on the link above after your email has been verified.

Thanks in advance, and please let me know any production feedback too :smile:


PS. I cleared this with Scott already before posting. Enjoy!


Done it!, Good luck with the competition. I wish you win the competition :slight_smile:


For the good man to do a good deed is - always:) Done!! :smile:


This kind of posts wonderfully demonstrates why competitions are pointless. Its all about how many “friends” support you rather than merit. Nevertheless, I hope you will win but based on your entry and not fake votes. :slight_smile:


Thanks, although the rules specifically state that the competition isn’t based on number of votes however more votes are more likely to get you noticed/listened to. No harm in asking for some help anyway :wink:


hi buddy, what u said is right , this is also what community is all about indeed, but , this could also be considered as self promotion, which is not supposed to happen here lol it doesn’t matter for me and it looks like they don’t mind anymore with the new forums , but many things were removed, closed or that kind of things in the previous version of the torums for that matter


cool work , really original and i like its lively rhythm :wink:


Thanks for the votes so far. Now we’re coming 39th place - super happy with this :smiley: Any more votes would be great!