Please temm me my mistakes

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What do you expect us to tell you? There is no easy way to become designer. There is no step by step tutorial. I can see from miles that you are very beginner with lack of basic knowledge. I told you yesterday and I tell you again now. To get approved and sell here is nearly impossible for you at this stage. You need to spend few years learning graphic design fundamentals and experiment with various design principles.

Read again what @n2n44 told you yesterday.

The logo have allot of issues. In fact there are only issues.

  1. Overdone concept. There are millions of logos based on this “eco coffee” concept.
  2. Balance and proportions. The proportions between mark and typo are wrong.
  3. Disconnected typography. That font doesn’t work at all with that mark.
  4. No premium look and feel. Your logo looks cheap and done in hurry.
  5. Low commercial potential
  6. Weird colors Your colors are too raw
  7. No color variations
  8. No horizontal version
  9. No presentation
  10. Overall lack of creativity
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