please tell why my this item get rejected

Could any one please tell why my this item get rejected.

This is not a desired item for CodeCanyon anymore as there’re too many items on the marketplace already.

Yes we can see some already items to download youtube video but none of there preview is working properly and if any works properly then it is not allowing to download in 10+ formats. Also my item is developed in Laravel framework and I not found any available same features item in laravel on codecanyon. Please give me a chance to show my new unique item on codecanyon.
Below are some already available items but not working properly :

  1. Preview not working
  2. Only one format available

The execution is far too simple and basic for a premium marketplace, but even then Envato is becoming less and less keen on this type of script, as it is technically in breach of Youtube’s terms and now some internet providers in certain countries are taking action against or blocking websites etc. that make downloading from YouTube, Facebook etc. possible

This script is not so simple , you can find some online video downloader but they will not allow all videos to download. For .eg. will give error for this link 52 Gaj Ka Daman | Dance Video by Kanishka Talent Hub - YouTube.
I had made lots of fixes to allow all youtube video link.
If there is any internet providers wants to take any action, then that would be my concern.

is there anyone who can tell me about this item, recently rejected.

It is very basic in terms of how it looks and is executed - it is just a download field (with a non-functional menu icon on smaller screens).

The code and functionality are only part of the requirement - it has to reflect the premium nature of the marketplace too.

Regardless of that - I can only comment on the UK, but it has been discussed that websites able to download video from social networks will be banned by the biggest providers.

Personally, I have never understood how these make it through for sale when clearly ripping off other people’s content is not legal or within the networks permissions (otherwise they would offer their own functionality to do it).

What the customer will do with the menu icon? The customer will need the main functionality that is to download youtube video what it is built for. Regarding the design, most of the client redesign the item according to their choice and requirements so there will be no need of my design.
If I make the design look & feel more attractive then it will be get approved?
It may look simple but the functionality it is doing is not simple , which the client wants.
If any provider will ban this item then that would not be the concern of codecanyon.

Dude, I created a system that opens a new tab with the official website, I’m waiting for a response from the submission, I made my website work in iframe like that, I was told it was (X-frame-options) I had this idea.


@charlie4282 Please let me know how can I make this item approved? I will keep it updated with new features once get approved.

Could any one please tell why my this item get rejected.
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