Please tell me why the project was rejected?

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actually envato wrote in clear language what would not accept. Water, Earth, etc … effects are not accepted. start another work

Try to make water interact with your logo and the logo can be a little bigger.
Also i don’t agree with nexus. This is not a psunami generated water animation.


I guess Videohive is still accepting projects with water, earth, fire, etc. I´ve seen a few recently approved days ago. The important thing is the quality and how realistic are all these kind of items. In this case in particular I agree with @UFT, 3d water animation is almost completely separated from the logo, they don´t interact at all, this is the problem I think you ( @Valpis ) should work on.


you’re right I just told you that the article is still on. However, the right respect in your ideas :slight_smile:




Thank you all for your opinion, I will try to solve this problem.:румянец: :+1:

The previous comments are already true, I hope you will see similar projects, to inspiration from them.
I wish you all the best…:slightly_smiling_face: