Please tell me why my “Wooden Social Media” has been rejected?

Please tell me why my “Wooden Social Media” has been rejected?

I’ve recently Uploaded a few Social media Icons with totally different designs But Unfortunetly everytime I found the message “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” on my emails.

As I find my Icons very similar to these ones

Would you please explain me the difference between them and mine?!


With respect these are just not up to the premium standard for here and lack premium offering

  • There are numerous free wooden icon sets available, many of which really get the “wooden textures” as opposed to the more patterned background in yours which distracts from the core concept.

  • You need to offer multiple variations and a lot more icons

  • Padding around different icons is inconsistent

  • You can’t compare yourself to two other items both of which are 5 years old

Those packs were created in 2012, in the meantime the rules for Social Media Icon Packs were changed!
Only Social Media Icons in a package are no longer allowed, see the new guidelines about Social Media Icons