please tell me why my cv was rejected..

I Uploaded two cv on graphicriver. After rejecting the first one i worked hard to create this one. But it got rejected. I dont understand why. Please help me.

There’s an icon under the “About Me” paragraph of text that seems to just be floating there,I’m not sure if its suppose to be there? and if it is you might want to think about removing it or at least centering it?

Some of the text especially the small description of the job text is very thin and it makes it hard to read.

On your “References” section the reference names “Lara Jonson” and “Mike Tyson” are very washed out I’m not sure if this is just on the jpeg or on the actual design but you might want to check the opacity is the same as the “Experience” text and the “Education” text so that its all consistent and easy to read for an employer.

They may have thought it wasn’t enough of a CV as in, its quite short and is a very brief summary of their CV, maybe think about making a second page where they could have more in depth sections. Take a look at this resume:

He has done a cover letter page too so that it makes the product you are offering a bit more comprehensive.

Thanks a lott sir