Please tell me what the real price? (Licenses, fess and taxes)

Hi there.

I don´t know all of this issues of Licenses, Fess and Taxes.

It´s realy realy confused to me.

Anyone can tell me what the real price of my Item?

This item have two prices, regular and extended.

The regular price it´s 9$ (disappointing price for me)
The extended price it´s 27$

The question is…
Why if the regular price it´s 9$ in my Statement show me 7.20$ ?

Where is the money?
It´s a fake price?
Why not show me 9$?

This issues repeat in all my items.


Is not a issue .
Because $2.70 is Envato fee and it is billed separately by Envato, not author .
Price $9 is : $7.20 is your money on your bill and $2.70 is Envato tax and bill.
Read here “Calculate your income” ->
Good Luck,

I like your Hi Tech Earth.

hi, the problem is that there’ s never the real money that u get in the statement, u have to make operations and so on on your own to know how much u earnt and the amount written is not the one that u get which is a bit misleading