Please Suggest me! Why this is hard rejected?

Please Check and tell me why this is hard rejected? If you help me may be i will try to improve next time. Thanks.

It looks good, but it may have been canned since it is too close to a commercial product!


Can you tell me. What can i do to approve it?

Avoid these ones

By all means use these to get idea’s, but don’t copy.

But l don’t do product mockups, so…?


Any sort of copying is just asking for trouble. So not worth it, use something like photoshop to create the different layers and make your own.

What do you mean?

Actually that 3d mockup is my own.

Ok, @jumpingidea, fair enough, but if it looks too similar to a commercial products, then it will get binned.

Envato won’t risk infringing copyright of a well established commercial product, and an ensuring court case?

I would study all of these and probably change your main text, before resubmitting?

The main text with your bottle design is getting too close to commercially available products in my opinion, and may make Envato nervous?

I would dramatically change the main text or cut and paste it all over to another bottle design?

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I think you are right. I will change that. Thanks.

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Hi, As you can see that there is only lorem ipsum and nothing is commercial in that. I have not used any commercial content in that.

hi, as for me , i am not sure there’s any right issue related to this rejection or not, this maybe right, or not, i have no idea, but honestly, as for me, i tend to believe that they were more likely to reject your work because of the general looks and the typo and font combinations which are not “researched enough” for this place … . For me, u should try to add a little bit originality and make sure that there’s something a bit more outstanding or punchy visually to push people to feel like either accepting and then buying when the item is accepted …