Please, some feedback on this track

Please, some feedback for the track
Hello, people! I would be thankful to get some feedback on this track: composition, commercial potential, mixing, anything… Thanks.

Hi there,

I am not an expert in this genre, but on my headphones mix sounds ok. Interesting track btw, maybe you should give it a try and upload it. Anyway, maybe some with more experience with this type of music could give you more help.


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@RainyAudio Thank you for the comment!

It seems to me like a little bit heterogeneous, there are variations and melodies attracting attention. Probably not well suited as background for video with voice-overs, but I believe there are other usage possibilities.

Its lovely! :slight_smile:

The track itself is gorgeous, it’s all a matter of note.

Listen to other works on the market, mostly open and bright sound in the long run. It also adds some juiciness to the overall mix.

Pandocrator and Smartsounds: thank you for listening and commenting!