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I am an independent logo designer and I have chosen Envato to offer my exclusive logos. I submitted three different designs but they were strongly rejected by the evaluators. I would like to know what were the reasons that led to this refusal and how I can improve my work in the future.

Please share your experiences and opinions openly and constructively about the designs you have attached below. This will help me to better understand your requirements and expectations and create a logo that meets your needs and satisfies your taste.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust in me. I look forward to hearing your feedback and working with you on the completion of this project.

Sincerely appreciated,

  • The first design: Owl Logo

  • The second design: City Builders Logo

  • The third design: Coffee Break Logo

There are more experienced design experts than me like @DesignSomething who can advise, but straight away there are some obvious issues.

  • in the first two the typography of the brand names really are not helping your cause e.g. font choices or why is ‘owl’ spaced differently from the ‘logo’ word?

  • second one is by far the weakest design

  • third one needs to spell ‘coffee’ right. Seems like a small thing but is fundamental to the concept

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Sorry, but I will say you straight. You are too far away from what a logo means.


sorry so much your logos are not good quality, try good quality, your have errors (not good typography, icon very big, too generic, not good colors, lack add tagline), thank you.

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hi I am sorry but to be honest with u the owl logo clearly does not make think of an owl but rather a scheme used for science, to deal with human body, If u know what I mean. I guess u can identify that if people do not really see your illustration the way this is supposed to be, this is a main issue … This is already very substantial a problem in the first place, if u ask me, but, this is far from being all. Let’s also face it, the typo is miles away from what is expected in the whole marketplace and , most importantly again, is not matching with the illustration, in my opinion (it could possibly be “ok” for a “custom logo” made for a particular customer, but definitely not for a “template” being made for a variety of them, for whom u have to create something more “consensual” and following basic design principles , if u wish …). I believe that the proportion between illustration and text is not the right one, by the way, and that the illustration is being prevailing too much over the text one. Likes seem too thin to me so that the logo is lacking impact as such , according to me (and looks more “bulky” in small size because of the details …)

City builders logo
well , to tell u how I feel , there are too many details though this is not reaching the standards as far as originality goes , on the other hand …I think that there is also an issue in terms of both style and what the logo is built … Nowadays , most of the logos are built using the pathfinder a lot and here it looks like u just added shapes on top of others instead and that this brings a rather outdated aspect to the logo in the process, indeed. Once again , the typo is not only too simple and not up the standards of GR in a general way but is also not matching much … selecting non serif fonts would have made the thing look cleaner, more modern , as well as more in keeping with the illustration. Once more, I mena just like the previous logo, the proportion is not the right one and the illustration is really being too prominent at this stage. U have to keep in mind also that details and logo templates are not super compatible and that it seems that logo are also evaluated in small size. Logos , when u have a look at them in small size lose details and either look more simple or more like “bulky”. The positioning of the text is not looking coherent when it comes to the horizontal version, as well … it looks misaligned at this moment. Pls also understand that there is nothing punchy and providing “consistency” to your logo right now and the global style keeps rather simple to say the least. Creation time for a person handling design tools decently is rather small , so this decreases the commercial potential of the item as well …

coffe logo
for me, this is by far the most interesting one, though this keeps being too simple, that it can be redone in a matter of minutes and does not look 100% completely well executed (I am talking about the external part of the cup that looks uneven on the left hand sides well as the spacing not being the same between the “globe” and the outside of the cup). In addition, the typo and proportion text / illustration are not the right ones. The used font is very common, very simple and is not looking sort of rounded as the cup does. Besides , I fail to understand why the text seems to be detached from the illustration for this one … unless the logo is meant to be in a rounded rectangle , which is ruining the logo , according to me … I mean if u had done as if the cup was a sticker and played with the smoke to make a plain color background behind there could have been a concept, but here I do not seen what is the interest. It causes trouble more than any other thing as u have the text being disconnected from the rest, the back shape is far high than the cup and hardly as large however, so that this ruins the harmony of the logo …

I hope these comments could help u , but , apart from the last one, which may reach the next level with being modified, I am afraid that u cannot really edit the logos to have them accepted here … good luck with your next uploads , try to keep piece of advice in mind for your next templates :slight_smile:

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