please review this page


please review this page

thanks all


Okay so let’s start from top to bottom.

  1. Example logo in the upper left corner - this needs to be changed for sure. Why would you even add a red ‘I love travel’ on a black background? It doesn’t have sense. Since the background is darker I would go for white or light letters with simple and modern font.
  2. Navigation seems to sit weirdly, and the underline doesn’t match the overall color.
  3. Headlines like ‘Vietnam’, ‘Gallery’ seem off, like they were made in Paint.
  4. Those backgrounds everywhere, behind every section make it seem really messy and unprofessional.
  5. Some pictures are squished to match the size you chose - it’s bad, don’t do it.
  6. What’s this weird blue and grey empty space on the bottom?

Generally, you need more practice. With this theme you won’t be accepted. Look around the marketplace, take notes, experiment with design and colors - unique is good, but you have to go for modern design. Just remember that modern doesn’t sometimes mean simple, because it gets harder to be unique in a place where there is so many amazing designs.
Just be sure you’ll success, learn and you’ll be cool.


Thank you for your sincere comments


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Just don’t give up.


First things first just like @ALdesigns said Never ever ever give up. That is the worst thing you could do for yourself.
Regarding the design it needs work, try to understand the user (this is what I did when I was trying to make it into the market), learn more about visual design. I would like to recommend a great course on
Its just 30$ (worth every penny), you can buy it or go the other way (you know what I mean)

All the best hoping to see your first item approved.


Wonderful, thank you very much


@KenulJain Great tip! And for you @sontungmko if designing is what you want to do, then learning to be better and better is a must, but also remember to do things that make you happy. I loved submitting my items to GR, but from some time I took it slow because I felt like ‘I had to do this’. Right now I’m slowly trying to go back to what I left simply cuz’ I feel like it makes me feel happy again :slight_smile:


great, you made me extra motivation @KenulJain


I found it on youtube courses