Please review this page!

01_home 01|134x499

Are you planning on submitting this?

what category is this page? (photoshop or adobe xd or sketch or figma)


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Your design psd is good but need you need practice more.

You can’t steal other peoples’ work! It is already for sale in the marketplace!!

It’s just dis-respectful and a complete waste if your own, the reviewer’s, and other authors’ time

I wish envato would ban authors trying to do this.

i know that, i purchase this item for my query, so i review in this forum. when i learn a lot.

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If you buy this template and submit themeforest will hard rejected or if approved other author will report you this item. later days envato will removed your account.

no i can submit this i just learning about typography and hierichey

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good but you can see other psd typography and h1, h2, h3 etc for example.

my typography is big problem, i work hard, but i learn good idea for better knowledgement, please any link or idea where i get better typography idea

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you can test use any font google free but if you don’t like font you can change use other font for best for you.

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I wouldn’t suggest learning about typography from that template - it’s awful.

I am massively surprised it was approved but explains why there’s only been 4 sales in almost a year


Do you want to learn? Here you go:

You’re welcome!

And next time when you are sharing someone else’s work, make sure to mention it to prevent confusion.


thanks a lot

I think that you buy other template psd maybe good sales for you can see how is fonts.

its our country design

i buy already one templete but not better idea

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I think that you can follow tutorial envato for learning design psd more.


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