Please review my theme why rejected


I sent a blogger theme.
and rejected.

is there any help here.


With respect, but there is no design!
Checl last approved items

for what you send this theme and who reject this.

your theme is so beauty

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It’s generally pretty nice and a hard rejection seems tough esp. in a Joomla category with less competition.

There is definitely room for improvement from an attention to detail perspective (minor changes throughout rather than any overhaul)

  • There are a few areas e.g. the nav on mobile which could be made to look/work better

  • Not a fan of the logo where the icon text is unreadable and the font choice for the main copy is not really suitable

  • Why choose use left/right padding in the boxes looks inconsistent and personally I find the subtitles too short for useful copy but too long for a tagline

  • Popular course dates - these don’t work where they are on the right of the box. It’s too close to the email and looks squashed

  • Gallery page feels unfinished

  • Instructor section of courses should fill that empty space to the right of the profile pic with some kind of hero/coloured block with standout info

  • Distinguish blog post types more and demo alternative layouts

  • Related articles on the blog pages is too close to the prev/next buttons and not executed right

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@charlie4282 can you my review tpic, i want to learn your respectful ideas?

Try resubmitting


You should have done some more work.

  1. Form elements standart bootstrap style -
  2. List elements standart bootstrap style -
  3. Secondary button standart bootstrap style and bad color link -
  4. Coming soon page not work

No offense - but I did not see anything premium.

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