Please review my rejected template

I submitted a multipurpose vue landing page UI kit but it was hard rejected.

Can you review it and give me some ideas on how to improve it.

You can view the elements here:

and the docs: Safḥa | Safḥa


With respect there’s nothing premium esp. basic design, typography, hierarchy etc. and it feels like a lot of different page options rather than a constructed and complete site template

Thanks for the review. The intention was to provide a UI kit rather than a template. The demo pages are provided to serve as a starting point.

Thanks again

Thats tricky - if you want to provide a kit then you need considerable more pages/versions

But most of all the design needs a ton of modernisation and polishing regardless

Can you elaborate more on that. Could you, for example, list the top three things you would change to make it more premium?

Review with specific details help me understand more about how it could be improved.

Attention detail is definitely needed for examples forgot password 1 and 2 is the same just slightly wider, but in doing that the second has a lot of empty space to the right which looks wrong.

Making very small and insignificant changes between versions is not good practice and you would be better off with less versions that are distinctively different and add unique value than lots with tiny tweaks.

The styling throughout e.g. typography etc. is very off the shelf and basic which dilutes the premium or quality element


Thanks for taking the time to write it.