Please review my music and tell me your idea, and what can I do to make it better?

So today I started working on a new project, and this is what I had done, I hope you guys enjoy, I want to know your idea, and if you can tell me what should I do now? do I have to create 3 forms of this music, like 20 seconds, 30 seconds, and one minute, like that? it has to be like that? and also I was thinking I am missing something in the climax of this music, but then I thought maybe if I just keep it simple it will be better, and not adding more stuffs, before this I was recording some electric guitar solo over it, but then I let it be the way it is, though it could sound great with guitar electric but I don’t know what is acceptable for commercial music and what is not acceptable?

so I uploaded the track on my google drive, I will be glad to know your ideas guys!

David Far

Hey, thats a really interesting song!
But it really seems “unfinished”.
After 40 seconds I would go back to something with a little few dynamics, less instruments or something, for a couple of times and then would get back to an ending with something else(maybe the guitar?, something more in the drums i dont know) to make the end different from the beggining and make it more interesting, it doesnt need to be longer than 2 minutes.

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Thanks for the kind feedback, I will do it as soon as I get back to home studio :smiley: