Please review my design.

Hi All,

Please review my below portfolio page and give me some feedback. The page was Hard Reject last time now i have made some changes. Please check both and let me know if i need to do any changes to get my page Approved.

Old Page: (Hard Rejected)
New Page:


I think you should change slider cuz like tumblr :slight_smile: and you can use bold text in menu or portfolio filter text. And you must review paragraph text.

Hi there:

Maybe spacing, error typography paragraph text, etc you need improvement for approved themeforest.


Hi Jeri

Thanks for checking. You have check the old design which got rejected, Can you please check this below URL:


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Thanks for checking, Will try to improve those text. :slight_smile:


With respect, this is far from giving a premium feel. The hero image feels sad and dark while typography remains weak. Plus, you have a very few features and pages. It’s the same page variation every time with particles, shapes etc…
Aim for something that gives the premium impression at first glance. Good luck.

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