Please recommend me a fast and optimized WordPress theme for tutorial blogging.


Can you please recommend to me a fast and well-optimized WordPress theme for blogging about educational things (mostly related to technology) and tutorials (both text and video-based blogging)?

I personally like clean themes with wide layouts just like the following:

  2. WordPress Tutorials, Tips, and Resources - Kinsta Blog

I like the larger fonts on both websites. Although Kinsta blog is not so wide, but I like its clean appearance. I am looking for something similar but it should not be too heavy on the resources because I am on shared hosting.

I have seen the themes of Newspaper and JNews. Although they claim they are well optimized, I have seen their performance to be quite poor and heavy on the system with too many dependent plugins to make the theme run properly. I do not want too many plugin dependency and want to keep the database light on the system.

Please recommend to me some relevant themes that will be best for blogging regarding training and tutorials mostly on technology.