Please recommend a hosting for WP in US.

Hi, i would really appreciate if someone could recommend me a good hosting with modern and clean admin page for WP based in US. I need to link several domains (different websites) to one hosting plan, is it possible?


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As a web developer I have tried so many hosts, but I really liked bluehost. Yes you can host multiple websites in one hosting plan.

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Media Temple. Excellent to manage your wordpress websites.

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Thanks, looks great but a little expensive for me right now. Im looking for something not much than 10$ per month.

Okay then visit here. This is the best hosting company and we all use this for our own websites plus client websites as well. Very cheap and excellent server resources.

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For your price point you could give Bluehost a try, their Plus plan allows unlimited sites and has a promo price of $5.95. But if you can budget a bit more each month I would really encourage you to checkout Media Temple - with their shared hosting at $20/mo you can host up to 100 domains and they are a really great host. We used to use them before we switched over to managed WordPress hosting at WP Engine (which I completely recommend to anyone with a more flexible budget). Best of luck choosing!

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I think you can check: A2Hosting with few benefit below:

  • A2Hosting Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS and Managed Servers now each include free SSL Certificates via Let’s Encrypt!

  • A2Hosting has offered PHP 7 and PHP 7.1. It will become default version for PHP in A2Hosting soon.

Also, if you want try use vps, you can try: Dediserve, you can choose what you need, it will fit for you because you can choose your resource to run a small site and upgrade it in anytime you need in future.

Just choose something good for you, good luck mate!

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