Please recomend Wordpress Theme with a Split Screen


I am working on behalf of a finance company that have 2 different products. I need a corporate inspired Wordpress Theme that has a Split Screen that when the button located in the screen-half is clicked to directs the user to that part of the business say Product A sits on the left and Product B sits on the right?

I have found a website but it looks like the Part A and Part B options sit at the top of the page and the menu is a bit hidden. Also I want to add content to the home page not just images. So this theme will not be suitable but it uses this technology

Is there a Themeforest theme designed that can handle this? If so please send me the link to buy it. Or perhaps someone might know of a plugin in Code Canyon that can do this? Please advise


You can achieve that look with any theme. Just split the screen. Use a page builder to make it easy.


There is another method of achieving this, I have used it a couple of times for some websites:

just use a simple HTML page as homepage, split it into two vertical parts, the left one linking to product A and the right one linking to product B (products pages can be WordPress pages).

This way you can achieve a higher SEO ranking too for the homepage.

Here is a simple tutorial showing how this vertical split can be done (includes the source too):

Here are some examples of inspiring vertical splits designs:


Hey there,

My theme UBER has the same split screen effect as the link you gave, and also includes options for an offscreen menu, or a traditional menu bar if you’d prefer: