Please provide your valuable feedback about my Coming Soon HTML template

I have designed a coming soon HTML template in order to submit it to Themeforest. Appriciate if you can provide your valuable feedback about the template and what are the improvement I have to do to make it approved?

With respect the design is too simple and basic to compete in this category.

You need to have more features or uniqueness to it and really work on the execution, typography etc

Thanks for the valuable feedback Charlie. I have also seen many templates in this category which are more simple than this one and they are also got approved. So I am confused little bit and can you please clear the idea?
Some of the templates so simple than my one are:

Thank You

The design is good but you still need to work on it. For example you can have another style for your countdown, some alignment difference colors and typography. Right now all of your demo look the same.

That first link is from 2011 and the execution on the second is much tighter.

I agree hat some get through that arguably are not stand out better but on sites with such limited content and aspects the design, execution and detail needs to be 100% flawless

Hello, Design is good but unfortunately I’ve came across a theme which is almost identical.

kindly go through and make necessary changes so that your theme will not get into trouble.

Just a feedback. Thanks

Thanks for the feedback I will definitely make changes as you said. Thanks again