Please provide your feedback on my Logo Design

Hi all,
Please provide your feedback on my new logo



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Your logo is very nice I think that approved you sell graphicriver but I not am sure, regards, good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks @JeriTeam but my logo is rejected hhhhh and thus is not the first time!!!

Any suggestions to inprove it?!

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you wait other opinion other author because they know more that I regards.


I am not a graphicriver author. but i think you can add some colours and add 2 / 3 types of fonts. and also please lookup for letter spacing. :slight_smile:

I just shared what i thought.

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I’m not a designer but with respect I just don’t see it with this design.

  • the main font really feels cheap and degrading

  • I get some concepts use small and discreet touches (like the non symmetrical heart you have or the markings in the middle) to add something to the design but again these feel a bit lost, used for the sake of it, and illogically placed in this design.

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Thanks for enlightenment
I still need to work more in my skills to become a true graphics designer



Thanks buddy

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The logo with some modifications.

Any further comments?

It’s good but perhaps a little too cartoonish?
Recommend a site to you, DesignEvo, an online logo design tool that might help you to find some ideas and thoughts. :exploding_head:

Hi Katelyn,
This is great, thanks for the info. I’m still exploring various options on the Logo design field. I’ll check the site you have recommended.