Please provide a documentation for this item.

Hi, I just submitted my PHP script and got this response back from Envato. But the problem is, I have been asked for documentation for the item. Which I already included within the Php Script into a zip folder. I cannot see a field to attach documentation individually.

So this how I uploaded,

Main Script > (documentation)
Script (php script)

Someone, please help. :frowning:
This is my first time.


Please make sure you have provided documentation. Also please don’t zip the documentation.


Thank you @mgscoder

Can you please tell me, if I keep the documentation folder inside main script zip file?

Just wanted to know the structure / folder path thing

yes, you can. your file structure is fine. pleae mentioned details about docuemntation attached when you will submit the update. Thanks

Hi @CreativeDevStudioBD.

You can keep all file together in one Zip file that name can be or what you want to keep that file name there is no problem i hope.


@unlockdesign @mgscoder

Thank you very much guys, for quick support :slight_smile:

I am forwarding the correction and resubmitting again.

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Good Luck :slight_smile: