Please pray for Pavel Popov (Frontmusic) - he went through serious surgery

Hello guys! My friend Pavel (Frontmusic on Audiojungle) just accidentally went through very serious surgery. He was delivered into hospital with strong pains in his back. After scans, doctors diagnosed several stones in kidney. So it was placed for surgery. He is in stable conidtion, but due high intoxication he has several problems with his overall conidition.


I’m sure all will be well! And you hope for the best! Wish a speedy recovery to your friend Pavel!

God bless us. Hope him good soon.

Wishing for a speedy recovery! Hang in there Pavel!

Speedy recovery to @Frontmusic. Держись брат!

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I will pray for him! I hope he will recover quickly.

Speedy recovery to Pavel.

Damn, thats bad. Get well, Pavel.

Sending positive vibes, get well soon Pavel.

Speedy recovery and a big hug to Pavel

I wish a speedy recovery to Paul!

I pray for a good recovery for you Pavel.

God bless him !!! We will pray for him !!! :pray:

Sending positive thoughts, he’ll need it

May God Bless him with good health.

Thank you, guys, for reply! I have sent it to Pavel with best wishes of speedy recovery.


:pray:We pray and hope for fast recovery!

Good luck! I hope everything go well.

Hello guys!
I’m alive, I’m willing, but I am relatively healthy, and I’m surprised …
I did not expect such a reaction support me. Thank you all saying kind words addressed to me. Thank Lumenmedia able to direct the flow of positive energy in my river from you. I’m really shocked by your support and prayers.
PS: I have experienced terrible pain, I would not wish this enemy - the pain took away thoughts about music and the world … guys, take care of their health … drink clean water, not to use a lot of salt, low alcohol and no smoking … .

Thank you for ALL!


Pavel wish you good health and recovery :slight_smile: