Please please please some item feedback

This item was hard-rejected

Could you please give me some feedback? Any ideas will help. Thank you!!

In my opinion it is far too repetitive across a 4 bar pattern. You need to add a lot more interest across the duration of the track.

Thank you!!

Was it in the right category? Maybe it has nothing to do with music quality. Because from here, it’s very good. It’s surely a good corporate music.

Thank you Morenciel, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I placed this piece in the corporate music category, unfortunately with no luck and no second chance, it was hard rejected. Thank you.

Composition is okay, maybe a bit too repetitive, but I think it might be sample quality. the harmonic guitar and the strumming guitar melodies sound a bit dated, a bit ‘fake’… Also it could use more bass, it is very faint right now!

Thank you Flowsopher! Thank you for your comments, they really do mean a lot to me. I believe I am not the only one trying hard, all these comments from other authors help a lot. Thank you.

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The muted gts on the sides are very loud. It don’t blend with the mix.

Thank you @AnthonySigouin ! Thank you for your time! After getting all feedback and reading all comments from authors, I suspect that there is not just a single and easy to fix problem with this piece of music. In that case, probably I would get a soft rejection from the reviewer. Once again I would like to thank all authors who spent some time listening to my music and commented on it. All comments help me address the causes of hard rejection and hopefully do better next time. Thank you!