Please Please Help. One Page PSD Rejected - What needs to be improved?


My “Jabontra - Multipurpose eCommerce PSD Template” has been hard rejected withing 5 hours after the submission without any comments on it. Please review and help me to understand why this has been hard rejected!


With respect - aside from issues with design features like typography and construction…

  1. You can’t use trademarked profit images

  2. The actual concept doesn’t work. You can’t have a one page design that fundamentally requires other pages (cart, faq, checkout, profile, item details to name just a few) let alone all the other pages which you reference in the design header and footer

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will do the changes as you said but can you please highlight the “trademarked profit images”. Is it a header image that needs to be replaced or there are others images as well which need to be replaced. Please help me to understand what kind of images we can use to avoid such “trademarked profit” issues!

I am new on ThemeForest and this is my first design, so I am confuse what needs to be done to get approved. Can I edit the image and remove the Brand from it and use it? Also, I would be grateful if you can tell me a little bit about the typography improvements in this design.


Various products you are displaying there look like official photos - you need to make sure they laptop, phone and other procure shots used are stock and licensed.

There is a lot going on which makes it super difficult to explain things like typogprhay in detail but (loosely) the font choices and hierarchy are examples of issues.

You need to decide what you want to create and understand what is needed for example if you are doing an e-commerce website rather multiple different products then you need to be thinking about category pages, different item pages, each stage of a buying process, and lots more. With respect right now it just feels like a lot of different UI pulled together on to one page


All the photos are purchased from the Shutter Stock and licensed. Any way I will try to not use the images where the brand name is mentioned.

I have used Open Sans font only in the design. Any suggestion on it?

Actually I am trying to create the Multipurpose eCommerce theme and currently all the other pages are in progress and will be completed once my home page design gets approved. After my home page gets approved I will start working on all the other pages and variations of the home pages like (Electronics, Furniture, Fashion etc).

Can’t I get the approval on home page first and then I will work on other pages accordingly?

You have absolutely zero chance of doing it this way. A reviewer can’t know that you plan to extend it, and even if you did then all the new pages would need to be reviewed which would clogg up the system. Success here takes investment and commitment.

With Respect - Thanks for the guidance. I understand what you said, definitely I am gonna work on all the pages in one go and then I will submit it.

Last can you please suggest me some improvements related to typography and any other points which will help me to work further on this design and related pages. Do you think the concept is used on the home page design gonna work and have any chance to get approved in future?

Your comments is very helpful for me to think further on the design. Thanks a ton.

I quite like the way it is broken up into sections but it’s impossible to judge only on this and either way it is going to become a fairly complex design to get right and with so much going on. You need to be very careful:

  1. That there is UX logic behind the page designs and not just a set of elements put together to fill space. In such a crowded design it will be very easy for users to get lost which in turn will amplify any issues you have with design basics as they will stand out more

  2. That the design itself brings something modern and interesting beyond default e-commerce layouts