Please, Need your feedback with item


Hello, can U please help me with track which located at

Thank U very much, your opinion is very important for me!


Sounds good, in my opinion i think you should add some bass instrument, and maybe push up the volume a bit.


For sample-based string sounds good. But compared with a live orchestra still not as bright and realistic. Nevertheless, the work is done professionally, with a soul! I like. Though reminiscent of “Carol of the Bells”


Some flutes and horns maybe?



Thank you very much)


I agree that it needs more bass. Sounds like it may just be a matter of turning up some cellos and EQing. Might want to focus the bass boosts on the center channel so you don’t have all the bass on one side or the other.


Thank you
It’s very good information


Wow… Hard job!! Really good item!! But, by my opinion and, may be, it was one of the reason to reject this file - is too digital melody for commercial projects (listen from the cell phone and can’t say anything about bass line).


Good music, but really lacks bass


Agreed with other guys about bass.
Arrangmet is realy good!
Make some chadges and item will be approved)
Good luck!


Thanx, what do U mean saying digital melody?


thank you all


Sorry, i wanted to say that the melody, I think too complicated for hearing. Try to make it easier.


ok, I’ll try =)
by the way, which tracks are best selling?