Please need your feedback. Hard reject what i did wrong?

Hello everyone!
This track hard rejected with reason this submission does not meet our commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

Tell please what i did wrong?

not dynamic. monotonic. ( no discharge) I am also on the same rake come.

It sounds like a 1:30 long build up.

I think its that powerful distorted synth that keeps playing on and on and distracts from strings and other instruments in your track. It sounds nice in the beginning, but then i would tone it down with low-pass filter and lower its volume, for example. Nice work overall!

For me, the big powerful distorted synth is too prominent and becomes repetitive. I would suggest starting the melodic string synth right away and making it higher in the mix. Having some of that nice piano near the end start sooner would be nice too. Hope this helps.

Hey @FrameStock

I agree with others comments here. The lead synth is too loud and becomes repetitive. I also think it makes the track have a conflict of style, meaning that that lead synth doesn’t quite work with the emotion of what’s going on in the background. The mixing could also be better and overall better balanced. Good luck with future submissions! :slight_smile:

First of all I want to congratulate you on this musical theme. I think the same like the others The synth sound is too repetitive, and loud to me.

I think this song would be perfect for more cinematic purposes, but not for an audiovisual of commercial use. I also think that the song has not enough movement, although I love it as the sound gets more intense little by little. As I said before, I think it’s too cinematic from my point of view, and that synthesizer with that powerful sound has too much protagonism.
I hope it helps !
Regards !


Thank you very much

thanks a lot

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