Please, Need understand reject with slideshow

Dear People.
Please. I spent a month working in the premier template “The Event Slideshow”, with 135 pleaceholders, so so hard, and they rejected, with video tutorials, different version, etc. and they just told me they have a lot of slideshows, but in all ENVATO they don’t have nothing about slideshow for events with a lot of photos, and just in premiere. This is a typical situation in work, when the client give us more than 100 photos, horizontal, vertical, text, etc. and evento don’t have any solution for that in premiere, so, I worked for this. They just have templates of slideshow for 30 or 50 photos, very fast, like openers, and just horizontal photos. I worked a lot doing something very different for the people how need this kind of solution. Please I need help, understand if you think is not important. I don’t know why, shetterstock, ■■■■, Adobe, accept my work, but here not, im trying but it seems impossible. Please. Let me know what you think, and of curse, if you can recommend to me another site where I can promotion my premiere template.

thanks a lot

Link to preview video is not available

Thank you, now?

Now is available. I think is too simple taking into consideration the kind of slideshows approved nowadays. I would work more on making camera moves smoother, small atmospheric details, text reveal. Watch some slideshows already approved and you´ll see. And there are really a lot of slideshows to compete, that´s true.
Good Luck!!

Thank you. I knew this is a simple work. Its a template for the typical problem when you recibe many many many photos and a lot of vertical. Just for quick jobs. anyway… I will try to sell in others marketplace.