Please, my subscription does not work on both domains


Also, please add the following domain for our website to work properly


I want the code to work on both

One license, one domain. If you want to use an item on more than one domain, you need to buy more than one license.

But it is not more than a domain, just add and not add www


Right, best to contact the author for support then… via the support tab on the item page.

Please help me, I have been trying to access them for two weeks without success, and the technical support is not working

Try the comments tab, they seem pretty responsive, replying to comments only four hours ago.

Where is that please help me

Next to the support tab.

I will try it and get back to you

I would guess that this is a laravel situation -
Redirect from www to non www using htaccess file - see example url below which might help you:

I mean, will the serial number work on both bands?

the license (purchase code) should work on both with www and without www because it is the same domain and single end product.

Please contact the author of your purchased laravel script. The author will assist you.



I can see you have now got this working -

thank you my friend