Please kindly provide some feedback?

I have been getting multiple rejects and would somebody kindly provide some feedback and guide? Thanks.

Well, I would suggest you to listen to the top seller tracks in that category… I am sure you will agree something is really different…

You should work more on the choice of your sounds, use more velocity (volume) changes, use delays and reverbs wisely, to give some ambiance… The tracks is very “dry” as it is, and not really nice to listen to, with headphones…

thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Yep, maybe I was a bit harsh in my comment, but I always say what I think when I give feedback :slight_smile:

Hey, no worries at all. Thank you for leaving me feedback, doesn’t seem like I get other feedbacks haha. I’d rather the truth than sugarcoating it, cause I still have a lot to learn from you fellas. :slight_smile: Thanks again man. :smiley:

Yes. Delay is missing certainly. On main melody.