Please : It's Not Self-Promote !!!!!!

Any one can suggest me,what should have to do?I know I am not a very good designer like yours.but my question,why my item got approve?(please envato never mind) .if my item okk for approval and got approve then is it possible or not to get sales? I am a author here around 8+ years .Envato Said to do seo . if we do seo then why envato take charge from us? I want to say : If we have to do seo for sale why we sale here and give earning share to envato? Please envato member,share some valuable comment…

Note : “Sorry For My Bad English”

Thanks everyone and good luck…

From what I can understand, you’re wondering why Envato takes a cut of our sales?

That’s pretty simple, they’re supplying a platform for us to sell on, they handle all of the transactions and legal stuff, all we have to worry about is making good items.

If you were to try this on your own, there’s A LOT you have to take into consideration. I’m in the process of starting my own online store for my own items, so I’m aware of the many struggles that are required, and by using Envato, you’re bypassing all of it.

  • The first and most obvious one is getting people to actually find your items online, just opening your own store and posting an item doesn’t get the job done, because no one knows about your store, you need to put money into advertising, and build up an audience over time.

  • You need to build trust, people aren’t going to want to give their credit card info to any random site, so you need to build a trusting relationship with customers.

  • You’re fully responsible for anything that goes wrong with the site, payments, and your items. If someone needs some technical help buying one of your items, such as them paying you and not getting their download link, then YOU have figure it out for them.

  • If someone feels like you’re scamming them and wants to take legal action, you have to deal with it. You’ll probably have to hire a lawyer to save yourself from being sued.

  • You need to write a comprehensive terms of service agreement that protects you and your customers.

  • You need to have a clear refund policy.

  • You’ll probably need to register your store as a business in your country, which includes all of the nightmarish tax obligations.

  • You need to register and maintain copyrights.

And more.

Envato handles ALL of that for you, that’s why they take a small cut of your sales earnings.

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i understand very well what u try to explain … this has come to a point where envato is more likely to promote their other stuffs than ours in the normal marketplace, with all their elements banner (elements that are chosen in a high opacity way with criterias that may look more than strange to say the least as regard to some guys being selected to be part of it …) and so on … (not to mention that horrible placeit meant to get rid of designers on the longer run …) they are also choosing on regular basis to do their best selling or trending item things that impact all people in a negative way but the fees taken from each and every single item are not going down … worst again, ever since they settled in america there is extra fee to pay to the its ,which basically means that the money that people get decreased as , even if the us market is still the best by far, this is definitely not as prominent as it used to be …
the option to take out the deposit was just another way to promote their elements and so on and to persuade buyers to forget about buying here in the normal marketplace …

lol yes this is very different from competitors, right?! lol and what is the fee here 66% for non exclusive and 50% or exclusive authors … - which basically means that people working on the product given for sale are not earning more than all the others … and this is in case this is not a sale in usa that we are talking about , since it could get even worse if so … - pls tell me where u see such a substantial fee to pay on each item ? i am interested in getting to know … i will definitely not go there lol

I don’t get what you’re trying say. What I understood from @Greatbon9 is that they’re wondering why Envato takes a cut of their earnings, I just explained why.

what i said is easy to understand … if this is just about paying what u mention … why do competitors take such a small amount compared with the ones envato take here? they are practicing dumping? i do not think so … so basically envato takes much more than just what they pay for and a small amount to make some slight profits …