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Needs to be worked on a lot more. It is currently lacking quality, also not worth being premium yet and the presentation is kind of down (I’m not an expert, that’s just my opinion if I’m the buyer).

thank you

Presentation looks like done in hurry

There needs to be more variation in the strokes. You’re only using one brush pattern and it looks very unnatural since they all look the same. It’s especially apparent in letters like X, M, and W where it’s clearly the same texture flipped onto the other side.

If you want a more naturally brushed look, I suggest doing it for real. Take some black paint and brush, some white paper, paint your letters, take a photo, bump up the contrast in Photoshop, bring it to illustrator and “live trace” it, then clean it up and make it a font the same way you did for this.

The presentation also needs some work. In my opinion, using big outer strokes kinda ruins it, and the theme you chose, being movie and cinema doesn’t really make sense to me.

Here are some presentations that I personally like. They’re all pretty simple, but they match well with the font itself.

thank you