please i want cancel

please i want cancel WebViewGold for iOS – URL/HTML to iOS App + Push, URL Handling, APIs & much more! because my app reject from iTunes 3 time so please cancel it and i want refund my money thank you

So, contact the author. The forum community is not involved for individual product issues.

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ok sorry

@Elitecode is right to suggest contacting the author but I would be surprised if iTunes rejecting your app is grounds for a refund unless the item from here is he sole reason for rejection & the author was giving some form of guarantee of app store approval.


I can confirm. The AppStore is a different store with different rules, you can’t hold an author here liable for the rules there unless as @charlie4282 mentioned you have an agreement with him. Otherwise it’s up to him if he will approve or reject your refund request, but he is not obligated to approve it. Cheers!

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Nevertheless you can tell us the reason for the rejection of the iTunes store if any reason is given so we can maybe find a way to bypass it. I’d like to help you, that’s really an unpleasant situation. Cheers.

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