Please, I need your feedback

Last few days my track got rejected, cause of mixing problems. I have been working on another and finally finished. I can’t tell about the mix, so please I need feedback.

1 - at beginning of hitting is better to remove, without them will be steeper. 2 - the track itself is not smooth, especially the middle, it’s very noticeable. 3 - work with choirs, they are very sharp and cut the ear. is possible to omit an octave down.
Idea is very interesting, good luck!!!

Thank you very much for the feedback, Please I didn’t really get what you meant “the track is not smooth” Do I need to add more reverb, or still needs lots of eqing.

Agree that one of the string elements should be reduced an octave, it’s really shrill and high, it will help add more body as well. The choir stabs seem a bit out of place in parts as well… I would revise them.

Hope this helps.

thanks for feedback, much better now.