Please, I need your advice.

I don’t understand, why my tracks which I uploaded in the past time have been rejected:

Please give me some advice. Thank you.

The broadcasting background sounds great. Beats me. Maybe the orchestral style, or too long? Or maybe the part where the vocals should be can have less velocity. Don’t know.

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Nice tracks, I think they were rejected for two reasons, the length of the second track and the overall mix. I sent you an email with some other thoughts. Very nice arrangements!

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These are great arrangements. However I do agree with the above comments regarding mix and length of the Broadcasting track being too long. In terms of mix, both are flat (not punchy) and low in volume (you have significant headroom to push the volume up with a mastering limiter). I bet BrownHouseMedia has some excellent advice for you as well. Keep working on your mix skills. It will serve you well :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. Maybe it would be better to do loop and shorter by half. And what about the mix - it’s always a problem, I’ll try to fix anything.