Please, I need opinions!) Why item rejected?



I write these songs. There are many I have. But this was rejected. I do not understand) Need help, advice, idea!


Hmm , I wonder why reject such a good job , really cool , but maybe because of the harmony which in my opinion is not commercial . And so , I have no idea (


Thank you for your opinion))
I was once more the refusal(((( I’m at a loss …


Well , here it is ,
1 not so sharply you need to start a track ( with the loss )
2 it is a bit monotonous
3 need to replace the whistle , ( although norms )
4 need to add some fat sound ( pad or something else )
5 and the end a little too sharp ( thought to be continued )


Excellent! Thank you! Now there is a lot of work))) Thank you)


As for “Merry And Bright”, try to soften the bells a little. They sound a bit sharp. Or maybe just the high piano notes and the bells together… I’m not sure. But some times the melody gets too piercing.


Thank you!! It is very important any opinion!) Maybe this is the case. Reviewer wrote that the track is not commercial … That surprises me. I have a lot of tracks, they sell well …