Please , I need help choosing the theme.



Hi , I’m new in this area, I never had websites before.
I’m pretty picky in choosing the theme for WP , and alone have not been able to find something useful then i ask for your help.
I want to start writing a blog about philosophy and science, including computer science articles , these are the requirements that the theme should have :

-Clean , minimalist , organized , relaxing. I don’t like to put too much informations in the home.
-Elegant , innovative.
-A cross between a blog and a technology news site.

I need to have the order and uniqueness of a blog, but at the same time not depriving me of the opportunity to post articles, guides, information, news about the computer and science.

I hope it is the right forum section, could you help me?

Thank you very much , i’m blocked from several days because of this choice, you can be a big help!

Have a nice day.
Regards !


Hi there!

May I introduce you to one of my works that might meet your requirements? It is Calmer theme which is clean, minimal and relaxing while keeping a touch of elegance. The theme just runs the blog posts chronologically (newest to oldest by default) which gives a feeling of story telling by its design. This will make it suitable for both writing personal blog posts and news.

I would like to post a link to the theme here but, by the forum rules, I am afraid I am not allowed to directly post it. I would kindly ask you to click on my profile pic here to check out my porfolio and there you will see it in the list.

If you have any questions regarding the theme, please feel free to ask on the comment section of the theme. :slight_smile:



here some of themes you may like