Please I need feedback before uploading :)

Hi folks…
What do you think of this track…could it be approved?

Thank you all friends!

The synth strings seem to be out of context here. Apart from that, for me it’ a YES, it has a fairly good chance to be approved.

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Hi @SixideBeats :slight_smile:
you mean the strings right? yep I wasn’t sure…
I think I’ll take it off!!
Thanks for your time…and I hope you are selling good my friend :slight_smile:

first. in my opinion Not very lucky choice of kick, because corporate is more Public and unobtrusive genre and your kick is very massive in that case.

second. From the choice of kick depends on what will be the arrangement, if you make a mix from the very beginning

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Hi @EliansProductions!
that’s a good point. I actually have chosen that kick because I’ve been using it in approved and sold items…I’ll try a softer one :slight_smile:
about mixing, I usually mix a bit while I’m going…and refine at the end, the next day
thanks for you time!

Changes done…Rejected anyway