Please i need an experienced Wordpress developer to add a function to my Wordpress theme.

I need an experienced wordpress developer to add a function to my wordpress site…

Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. For doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio.

You can contact me via this link or via Studio if you’d like to work together.

Hello. Please can you share link of the person you want to recommend?. I would really appreciate that.


You have to find best one for your requirements. Compare prices, portfolios, community recommendations and more to select the Talent you are most excited to work with. If you have a specific question, simply send them an enquiry.


Please check your profile.

Okay. Thanks alot. I’m relatively new to the forum…

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I also recommend the wordpress experts at Envato Studio, they are experts at that.

Thanks. Still searching for experts anyways.

Have you tried Envato studio? Was there no one suitable?

Please be aware that if you find someone in the forums and agree for them to do the work and something goes wrong then envato will not get involved. If you use Envato Studio then there is a degree of official protection.

It might also be worth sharing here what it is you want to do/add to your site?

Thank you for replying.

Sure. So, I am running a UGC website ( user generated content ) that is, users are allowed to post directly on my site from the frontend.

I need my wordpress developer, who can add a button on my frontend post submission page. The function of this button is for users to be able to paste links from any website on my site.

Any links posted on my website can display link contents ( preview ) from that specific website.

That is, when a user share a link from another website on my site, it will show the preview ( pull link data ) of the content from that site, and display it on my site. For example, if i copy a link from another website, and post it on my site, it will display content, so users/members/visitors or anyone can click on the post link to see.

A perfect example is , users can share links from any website there, and you are able to see link data on post loop and inner page… And when you click on link, it takes you to the original post.

So you want to add post/link previews when a user shares a link?

yes. you are right.

There are plugins that add this functionality - without seeing the site and looking at how the front-end submission is activated it is impossible to judge for sure if they would work.

It’s either going to be as easy as adding one of those plugins or else potentially a sizeable headache

Is there any way, I can share site link with you privately?

Hello… I still need help with the job.

I’m not the right person to judge the complexity - did you look for someone in envato studio? They would be able to assess it.

It seems unlikely that you couldn’t find someone there unless they looked at it and it’s too complicated or else you don’t have the budget for someone to do it.

In terms of budget, i have that. The only problem is to find someone who can do it.

The request is actually easy, if the person take a look at my theme first.

Just need to:

1.Create a button on post submission page, where links can be pasted.

  1. Pasted links display content and preview.

Ask @ki-themes or @promotionking - I would have thought that either could do it and both are on envato studio

Thanks alot for the recommendations. I will give you a feedback of the outcome… Thank you.