Please Help !!!

Can anyone help me to find out why reviewer of ThemeForest reject my theme please…
This is the link of my item

Thanks in advance

It has so issues like speed and unique design. It’s unique but not like outstanding :slight_smile: so make sure of doing great!

Can you please help me to find out the issue?

The main thing is design, if you change design to something like new templates they are approving then that s fine

thanks a lot

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Hi here:
Your design is error spacing top and bottom section need same size more 80px, bad colors (yellow ugly) you can see which better colors, error images are:

Error box border 5px width border 1px see ugly:

Ugly logos width size with background gray:

All blog date of blog no need shadow with box yellow:

No need shadow border with all images of blog

I hope you like my help, good night, regards.

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Thanks a Lot for helping me

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