Please help with feedback for better production

Hello, would you mind to give me some advice about what to improve in my music? My tracks got rejected with “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”, but I’m not sure if they mean sound quality or composition aspects…hopefully not both :slight_smile: Thanks!

For example this one:

There are terrible dissonances in your track. The piano plays the wrong chords. It’s strange that you don’t hear that. Perhaps it happened by accident? Fix it. Overall, the idea is not bad.

I’ve not chosen the chords accidentally, but I agree they are kind of wild, and the overall sound of the piano is not very clear. Thanks for your feedback!

Hi @HomulusTunes, the piano chords are indeed not harmonious. But the track sounds strange. It’s like the piano chords are put together with another much better sounding track. The chords sound very muddy. So improve the mixing so it sounds like one mix.

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Thank you guys for your valuable feedback. If I can be so daring, please check also this rejected song - is there a problem with overall mood, which for this time is not the “C G Ami F happiness”? Or again a sound quality problem?

There are also dissonances in harmony and melody. Be careful when writing music. The idea is again not bad.

@Romantic_City Do you think I should avoid chords like 7, sus4, sus2… or use them less excessively?

Try it, and then compare the two versions. Maybe you have spent too much time in the same track and your ears have lost the perspective.

I try to avoid chords with 7 notches. But I use sus2, sus4 very often. And I advise you to do the same. The main thing is that it sounds appropriate and harmonious

There are 2 issues here.First of all , is as everyone says.The ‘dissonances’ as they called it.I dig the deliberate 9th inversion and i, personally love them.Especially in Brian Eno’s work. But they are meant to give chords the additional modal harmonics,especially in acoustic instruments sympathetic resonance recording.But that is not the case. Is corporate music.Meant to be some background music for corporate videos.Its not sarcasm, is educated guess.Keep things simple and they will be accepted.

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