Please help, Why my wood style background is rejected, I don't understand?

Here is my preview, thumbnail…


It’s very basic and similar can easily be found for free online.

Even similar items which (with respect) look more realistic like Colored Wood Planks Backgrounds by graphicriders | GraphicRiver have less than 20 sales in 7 years and that’s only $2


hi I am sorry to tell u just this but I think that u have to put yourself in the buyer’s seat and try to figure out what could be useful and so on so that people feel like buying. This, unless u had been a elements member, has very little interest I think , I do not believe that so many people would be buying this type of item indeed , since there is no real extra value, no real time saving or product going beyond what is a buyer’s skills so that they are pushed to buy your product , if u wish

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Thank you for the suggestion.

It means I have to make a professional design, no one has ever made. Thanks for answering my question.