: PLEASE HELP : Why my theme was rejected ?

My theme was submitted 1 month ago and I finally received a message saying this :
"…unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again…"

What is the solution to know what is not good in my theme and make it accepted please ?

Thanks i advance

Before submitting it, post it on forum and ask for some feedback.
You may receive some critics, but this is the right way… but even so, you can’t be 100% sure it will be accepted, or that it will sell good.
Good luck !

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Thanks for your reply.
This is the theme :
Does the community needs anything else to be efficient?

I can only see it on a mobile but there are a lot of issues there esp with responsive nature, a lack of content and/or features, and the site seems to break once the profile is loaded then closed.

Thanks I will debug this.
So, the reviewer rejected theme because of technical errors ?

Hi, have checked and the site not breaking/closed on my mobile.
What is your mobile device ? Also, do you know a place where I can find developers knowing what to fix and fix to make a theme accepted please ?
Thanks in advance

Iphone 7 (and my colleagues iPhone 6)

Looking on laptop now:

  • avoidable validation issues

  • far too short of features and functionality

  • all WP themes have to include a functional blog

  • no project details (other than the title)

  • the profile is not really responsive (still uses two columns on mobile)

With respect, you are so far off the standard here that you are wasting your time and what will be quite a big cost to try and find someone to help. For reference the few authors willing to help to approve an item for soeone else’s account will charge a lot and even then there is no way anyone can ‘guarantee’ approval.

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Thanks for your answer.

If I want to sell a simple but elegant theme it’s not possible ?
Do you think because of the simplicity (not a lot features), it won’t be accepted, even without any bugs and validation issues ?

Actually, I know some graphic designers that really like simplicity (and cheap theme) because they all already have a Behance/Dribble.

I’m sure there are people who like that style but for a stock marketplace it’s not really enough for what’s expected

As it is this won’t be approved even without the validation issues etc.