Please Help! What Chords has this Rhode Loop?

Hello AJ Authors.
Iam working on a track based on this Rhode (Cmin) Loop (Funk Guitars by Basement freaks, available on Beatport Sounds) and Iam struggeling hard to get the additional String Chords working with it.
The first Chord is Cmin then 2nd seems to work with Fmaj fine, but the 3rd Chord? 4th I have Fmin and the 5th short chord at the end I put the string on A sharp min. But I dont feel pleased so far.

Loop Preview:

I would be very thankful if some musical trained musician would help me out!
Thanks in advance!

Pat, Berlin


I’ve tried to play the 3rd chord with my guitar so it might not be accurate voicing and sound wise. Here’s the result :

Good luck :wink:

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Maybe it will help

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Hi Pat,

I don’t have a piano by the hand, but based on the last post, I have figured out this:

F79 ( it is not major chord, it is dominant with 9, the top note is G which is 9 )
Eb7sus 9 or you can do it easier Bbmin7/Eb with top note F, which is 5th in the Bbmin7
Gbmaj/Ab - the easiest way to do it

Seems like this is what it sounds and what is in the last post of SourceProduction.

Hope it helps, Greets Masha


I used Hornet SongKey mk3 to indentify this, maybe some of them are off, but should be close

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People you are amazing :sparkles: :
Thanks alot @Pandocrator @SourceProduction @Korolkov and @LennyStudio
I will try it out now and post the rare unmixed/unmastered version for you.


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Well done, buddy. Cheers!


I rebuild the Chord Progression suggested by Source and it worked instantly for me :slight_smile:

Finished the small piece so far and I want to share the result with you!
(For those who are interested - NO SELF PROMO)


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