Please help - Website was working, now it won't show or downgrade's images depending on browser

Hey web friends, - I hope someone can help me here. This theme has been driving me bananas.

Firstly, I’m a sound guy, not a web guy so I’m out of my depth here, but I’ll do my best to explain the issue.

The website was working, then I moved hosts. Since the move, the photos in the carousel, won’t display the images and seem to behave differently for different browsers.

For some, the graphics won’t appear at all and others will display the graphics blurred or at a really low bitmap, but only once. Going back to the same page again, and it won’t display anything. There is really no explanation for it, other than it moved servers. The graphics are high-quality images, and going back into the editor and re-adding them to the carousel does not produce any change.

I paid someone who was quite WordPress savvy to go into the theme to take a look, but they are stumped and we couldn’t anywhere. They cannot workout this behaviour. Does anyone have any suggestions or can someone explain what is going on here? I don’t want to have to pay again for theme support for this theme because it was working prior to the move and I already spent money on someone else who came up blank. I’m hoping there is an easy explanation.

I appreciate your suggestions and thank you in Advance.