Please help to find suitable theme

I can’t choose theme for my requirements.
Website restyling:

CMS: wordpress
Properties: catalog of items without cart(example: Only form to email or somewhere else.
Sidebar with item’s categories and subcategories

Help me please!
My filter of themes has no mathces with these:,rank-3,rank-4&sort=sales&tags=industry,company,business,maintenance,renovation#content

I dont understand? You want just to install template and that is match with all previous content on site or…?

I think the answer is Yes =)

Shortly that is impossible because current site is on old version of Drupal and you want Wordpress on new site.
So you will need to setup test site install Wordpress and migrate whole content from one site to another. That is not just copy paste I have migrate such sites.

Oh, I haven’t understood what you asked.
I don’t want to migrate content to new website.
I want to create the new one. On wordpress. And I want the same instruments on it.
To fill it with the same content is another task.

I have answer on that question.

Ok, thanks!
But I didn’t ask that =))