Please help rejection for 'commercial production'


Hello, this track got rejected for the commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard. Basically I was trying to do a folk sounding corporate track with synths, all NI massive. Obviously I failed. I am assuming it failed for the sounds. Too fake sounding. I don’t usually try resubmitting rejected tracks and I guess the question is can this track be saved from the pit of doom? Or should I let it drop? Any tips, ideas or thoughts welcome.


Hi, synthesizer solo that is very nasty and quacking sound, and I hear the lack of bass.


Thanks for the feedback MikhailGrayMusic. The duck is getting shot tonight.


Hi, I think maybe it’s because the main plucked melody is very aggressive and therefore quite jarring. You could try much softer velocities, and/or reduce it’s volume so it sits in the mix a bit better.


non-commercical sound (


Yes, this track lack a lot of commercial sound.


Thanks Alister for your thoughtful comment. I think you are correct.


Probably the track can still be saved by replacing the sound of the lead instrument and more acoustic piano.