Please Help - Powerpoint

Hello Everyone,

Please excuse my absolute ignorance here but I am a total first comer when it comes to this site and building powerpoint presentations.

I have a one stop property company (buyers agent, property development etc).

I won’t bore you with all the details, however, I need to put a presentation together on powerpoint for some very sophisticated investors. I obviously want to show what I do, how I do it, the projects that I offer (everything from buying an old block of land to building 3-4-5-10 units and townhouses) and then provide samples of such.

I just purchased a power point package but it came with no photos, I would love to get some photos from here but I have no idea where to find such photos as this is the type of things that I do.

I am just wondering if there is a power point already loaded with what I am looking for (high end quality) so I just just keep some photos that are already there, add some of my own etc.

If I purchase one power point that has 3 different versions, can I swap and change between each of them and created my own.

Once again, please excuse my lack of knowledge but I have NFI and just trying to do my best.


Tony - Sydney Australia.

You will find that very few files on here contain the photos in the demos because in most cases authors do not own the rights to redistribute them.

If there’s multiple versions included then yes you can mix and match but in the case of PowerPoint the likely difference is only colours.

If you want images - obviously there are the big stock websites (can’t share links here) or check out photodune